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retrieved notes - Public treat government doctors like sh** - 'D day I got really pi**ed off

this is some of the notes that i managed to retrieved back from my old blog

this was written on the Wednesday, October 13, 2010
honestly, i am a very patient person...well, i do have my limits but i rarely yell at people out of the blues.

when i was in Casualty Department, i have seen lots n lots of people/ patients with different styles n attitude. we would see about 200 patients per day, we are tired basically. but despite that, i have never yell at anybody in my entire life  though i have been yelled by patients so many times.

patients would rushed into the consultation room yelling and screaming for waiting too long. what can i do... what can i say... there are too many patients awaiting... everyone just have to wait for their turns. the triage has classified then as non-critical. they have to wait. we dont work like private hospital where they dont have many patients, and that the seeing time is way much shorter. but i have to admit, there are times when there are not many patients, here, in HKJ, the seeing time/ waiting time is just about 5-10 minutes (even faster than the private sometimes), in which it is really fast for a green zone to work. even when i went to a private hospital for my daughter immunisation, i had to wait for 1 hour or so, i did not make a fuss about it. no other patients there make a fuss about the waiting time too. but in the goverment, eventhough the waiting time was only 15-20 minutes only, they still screamed at you for waiting "too long"... sooo many times i had encountered patients screaming at my face for waiting too long and they were unable to be patient with it. ( when i gave a peep through the door, they are mostly comfortable...) they screamed but only pays RM1.... they screamed and will say " i pay your salary ehh!!"

i just dont get it.

at times they came in with non-urgent cases in which they can be seen at the outpatient clinic/ klinik kesihatan, but noooo...they decided to come to the casualty in the middle of the night just for some skin disease that has been there for 5 years, or for cough syrup or even worse, for MC. when asked why do they have to come in the middle of the night when they have an entire 5 years to wait, they would say, they work during the day.....or some would actually say, "tadi saya jalan2, nampak hospital, saya terus singgah" (i was breezing through when i saw the hospital and so decided to give a visit)...what the h***...it's true, no kidding....

HKJ casualty is like their kedai kopi. patients would come, checked, investigated, then they would say, "doktor, sementara tunggu keputusan darah, saya nak jalan2 kat metropoint plaza ye/ saya nak balik rumah sekejap ye" (Doctor, while waiting for the blood investigation, i want to go to the metropoint plaza. go home first yah)

worst ever.. yesterday, i was being yelled by a patient for asking too many questions....WTH??? i have read in the newspaper soo many times saying that government doctor are not thorough enough, not treating patients well.. well, i guess, seing 200 patients per day make you "crazy". frankly, it's hard to focus when you have to see lots of patients and there are always the case where you would miss important signs/points. we try very hard not to to miss serious cases though we're just human beings (in which many people think that we are superhuman or should i say.. super robots). but again, i have seen people complaining saying doctors not treating well because they have to rush in seeing all patients. but never in my entire life seeing patients complaining because the doctors are thorough....until the other day...when i am trying to be thorough here but suddenly being jerked & yelled for asking questions in return.

the story begins

a child whom was held by the father (F) came in with the mother (M). M sat and told me that their son ('D patient - pt) has lots of phlegm. so i asked the M, how was the child previuosly, any fever, cough, runny nose. the M told me that their son was born premature @ 28 weeks. so i asked whether the child was intubated? any respiratory disorder? how long was the child warded? suddenly the F yelled at me apa pasal you tanya itu soalan? dia ada kahak sahaja... saya mau ubat!!!

i was startled. i asked politely and this is what i get???

F yelled again. "apa pasal you tanya itu soalan? buang masa sahaja." </span><span>( why do you asked me that question? you are wasting my time)

(i whispered to myself, "engkau pon buang masa aku je"  (you're the one who has wasted my time). i explained to the parents the significant of it. yet the F kept yelling at me.

i started to raised my voice too. the F was really getting my nerves "apa pasal you marah saya? saya doktor ke awak doktor?" (why are you yelling at me? are you the doctor or am i the doctor?)

F: "apa pasal you jerit sama saya?" (why do you yell at me?)

me: "sbb you jerit sama saya. you doktor ke saya doktor? you mau rawatan ke takmau rawatan? kalau you takmau rawatan,you keluar" (because you yelled at me first. am i the doctor, or you are? do you want treatment or not? or else, leave the room)

F: nanti you kena...(i'll get to you) (he dared to threaten me)....how arrogant and ignorance was the father.

me: sooo disrespectful....bodoh sombong.

i dont care whether he is a somebody, some VVIP, he should have not treated me the way he did. but because of the love and care for the child, the patient, a 5 month old kiddo, i examined him and explained to the M at the same time avoiding eye contact with the F, that i will give some medicine for him. the F left the room and slammed the door. the M looked at me in despair and apologised to me. i was cooled down by the politeness of the M. i replied politely to the M, explaining that i dont mean to yelled at her husband, but i was very disappointed with his disrespecfulness. i explained to the M why i asked all these questions, gave her the medication slip and apologised. she understood, apologised again and walk out.

on the same day, i had another patient, came in for his nebs (AEBA), also partially drunken, requested for MC. i refused to give him mc because clinically he looked very well. he didnt yell at me but said it aloud and drunkenly (is there such a word?) to me....asking my name, he wants to lodge a complaint....YEAH.. GO AHEAD.. BRING IT ON.

by the end of the day came another patient, whom declared himself as a physician. he's an indonesian, phd student. the moment i approached him trying to clerk his side of story, he exclaimed," i'm a doctor. give me painkillers....i'm having renal colic!!"... so i asked him," where is the pain sir? is this your first time?".... he started yelling at me "it's not pain. it's colic. i'm a doctor. it's renal colic. i just want painkillers" giving me the order. i was shocked, being yelled again, i looked at my senior, he bombarded the patient, "you are here as a patient, not a doctor. dont give us order. you just have to follow our protocols"he immediately kept quite and allowing me to clerk him. sigh.

gosh...what a day...

by the end of the day, it makes me think how public has always been complaining about doctors' treatment, not thorough lah, long waiting time lah, and even comlaint for asking too many questions lah (even if it is necessary ones)....what do they expect from a doctor then ? buat ini salah, buat itu salah....they really treat doctors badly, without respect. i dont yearn for patients to prostrate in front of me nor to worship me. i just want them to treat me equally as a human being with feelings n respect. we are not coolies. but yet, we have no place to put in our complaints, ventilate our feelings, no place to voice our opinion, tiredness and exhaustion....no attorney to fight our rights, no laws for us to stand behind, no special day to celebrate and being embraced (like teacher's day, nurses day, or may be we stand in the labour's day, i guess).....nobody appreciate our passion for this job, to treat and help people. we are just asking for as simple as respect.... but we're being yelled at. rarely do i get "thanks" nor appreciation from my patients. but once i get them....trust me... it gives me strength to pursue further in this noble field.

many people says doctors are just a bunch of human beings who wants good money and good ranking. but the truth is, we dont. we dont get good money, we dont get good ranking. all we got are just complaints, being yelled at etc. but despite all that, we are still here to help the public, not because we're stucked in it, but because we care, we love, we have the passion in our work, the desire to help others in need of our helping hands, knowledge and capability.

anyway, this is just a story of mine. not representing the whole public/ population in general. does not mean to offend any public out there. there are patients who really appreciate our existence. it's just that maybe not many who put it out afront. and yes, i still got few patients that come to me again saying thanks for my effort and care.


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