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retrieved notes - NASTY patients, pls be more responsible!!!!!

this is some of the notes that i managed to retrieved back from my old blog

this was written on the Friday, April 8, 2011 

over the past years that i have been working, i have been studying human behavior particularly patients' behavior towards the medical professionals and towards their illness. it gives me a mixture of feelings, at times, i felt sorry, but another time, i felt devastated or perhaps angry.

i truly feel sorry for those who are from the lower class (whether low in education/ or low in income) as it is difficult for them to seek good medical assistance as the consultation, medications are all expensive and yes, the health budget are so limited that we have to "catu" all these health services. so this is where government hospitals, and outpatient clinics (klinik kesihatan) play the role to assist this group of people more specifically, and the rest of the citizen in general. but most of the time, i see more and more people are actually abusing the facilities that are given to them.

there is a lot of element that we can see that patients abusing the "luxurious" treatment they received but they never thank for it, instead they take advantage over it and and abusing it, wasting our resources.

they pay RM 1 or at some outpatient clinic, they pay RM 5.... and yes, with that payment, they receive all in a package.... the consultation , the medications, the blood investigations, xrays...yet, they still complaint like long waiting hours, doctors' not giving mc's etc. some of them actually "ran" over the doctor, verbally abused the doctor, throw objects to our faces for all this little matter. they complaint doctors not thorough enough... what do they expect of us as we have to see 100 patients in a day, and half of it were all, to me, nonsense cases.... which include "non-sick, don't want to work, simply want MC" patients.

yes, private clinic, they can't make a fool there as they are paying the doctor such a dear payment. they even pay for the mc's. rarely do doctors in the private sector faced this kind of harassment from patients as they have no problem of giving the MC.... because they can put that in the bills. but those who work in the government sector has to face it daily.

patients are abusing the facilities that are given "free" for them. yes, most of the customers/ clients of the government health services are those from a lower to average class group. and yes, i do pity them because they are relatively poor and could not afford those expensive treatment. but that does not give them the license to bully us. and they really do bully us.... they want mc when they are not qualified, they want claims from their workplace, socso, kebajikan, insurance that they force us to lie....they will "bodek" us to exaggerate  their medical report so that they can get more claims. not that i dont want to help them but i dont want to encourage them to lie.  it's totally wrong. i know they are looking for opportunities to "add" in their "income" but it isnt the right way to do. they are basically taking advantage over the situation.

i dont mind helping the poor, and it is our responsibility to help the people in need but helping them to do such "crime" is a "no-no" to me. this is an attitude problem, patients are basically showing us they are not only poor financially, but they are also "poor" in civic, manners, attitude, whatever you want to call it.

talking about poor civic, giving MC can be one of the biggest issue. they will make things up so that they will get MC. and if they dont get one, they scream, jerk at you, like we are some unkind human being. they are actually showing who's the boss. they try to outsmart the doctors. this do not apply to adult only but this include children, teenagers too. they are rude, inconsiderate, impolite. at times, i notice, the parents are "teaching" their children to get MC just for a simple cold and runny nose.parents too showing a bad example, asking for MC just for some simple backache.

just the other day, came one boy to me asking for mc. when asked why, he said tooth ache. he was soo comfortable, laughing away...he said his wisdom tooth budding out and its painfu. then he said that he went to school that morning claming the teacher request for his MC from the doctor. i said to him, "if you go to school today, the teacher wont ask for MC. MC is only for those who did not go to school. so i bet you did not go to school today" [so basically his abusing his teacher and trying to outsmart me] i said to him asking him to go to the dentist, let the dentist see him. he dare to ask me, "do you think the dentist will give the MC to me???"....and that boy is only 13 y.o.

another form of abuse among patients is defaulter. they default appointment, default medications, worst they take the medicine from the pharmacy but did not eat it. they shove in their cupboard. aren't this a waste of money and resources? government spend a lot of money subsidising their health care and yet they did not thank for it. then, at certain situations, patients would come in asking for us to continue their medications, but they themselves do not know what medications they are taking. do they expect the doctors would know all the medications that they are taking??
so tell me...what do patients really want then???

honestly, i dont like all these uncomfortable situations. i could have spend more time with patients who really need my assistance rather than spending hours "entertaining" such "childlike" cases. we see many patients that sometimes, we dont have enough time to spend to the really needy one instead we have to spare our time for the drama, arguing why we cant give them MC.

i guess this has some mental health issue in it. you want mc because you dont want to go to school/ might as well quit your job then if you dont like working. during my child age, i enjoy going to school, even if i was meant to be sick on that day. i still go to school because i want to learn. i mean, at times, i too have that boring sort of feeling, not wanting to work,  bla bla bla, yada yada yada....but yes....this is what you call, RESPONSIBILITY.

of all the above things i have said, the most important essence is actually RESPONSIBILITY. patients MUST take RESPONSIBILITY of their illness, to know what their disease is/ are, what medications they are on, when is the next appointment etc. they must be RESPONSIBLE in taking their medications. old people/ children cannot remember their appointment dates, so it is their care-takers' RESPONSIBILITY to remember it then. dont expect that doctors will "help" you when you are not helping yourself. doctors dont expect patients to diagnose their  diseases but we expect you to co-pilot it. you need to listen to advices. at times, i see, when we are trying hard to explain the disease to patients, patients do not pay attention. when the next doctor asked, they do not know. Please be RESPONSIBLE to know what you have. if you dont understand the jargon, ask  the doctor to explain in a layman term or ask the doctor to write. we dont expect patients to remember all the names of medications, some are really difficult names but you can keep your medicines' boxes, or write the name of medications so that you can show it to your doctor. BE A MORE RESPONSIBLE PATIENTS.

yes... when it comes to work... be a more RESPONSIBLE person. asking too many MC indicating that either you are lazy or you do not like your work. if so, just quit your job, do something that you like. and if that's the only job you can do, try to learn/ appreciate the work that you are doing, atleast you can work and earn money rather then become some paralysed guy who can no longer work. or if you have problem at your work, you are depressed, then offer yourself to see some counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. what your superior will think of you? this shows that you are not a RESPONSIBLE person.

be RESPONSIBLE of your own attitude.  i hate to see young generations with attitude problem, coming through my door, without anything, asking for MC. making lies saying that your teacher want an MC from the doctor and that they cannot except time slip. please dont lie. if you are lying now, what will you become in your older age?
disclaimer - this is not representing all patients. some are really good patients, compliant, responsible of their own health...very good, polite.....


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