Monday, 23 February 2015

Why COMBI....

Top Ten reasons why Combi is first choice for SMART parents;

1. Suitable from newborn to 17/20 kgs
 Combi strollers have multiple recline positions from almost flat to upright. They have a weight carrying capacity of 17 or 20 kgs (depending on the model). This means you can use your Combi for your newborn baby right through until they are a toddler (3-4 years approx.) and you don’t need to buy any other costly attachments like bassinets or other accessories. So they are great value as well.
2. Lightweight
 Combi strollers are the lightest strollers available yet they have loads of features normally only found in brands double the size and weight. This means they are easy to lift in and out of the boot and easy to push and manoeuvre. And because they are made from high quality materials and assembled using Japanese quality control principles they are durable and very reliable as well.
3. Very Compact
 Combi strollers fold up into a very compact & practical size meaning they will comfortably fit the boot of even small cars and still leave room for your shopping. This means you don’t need to buy a bigger car just to fit your pram or stroller.
4. One hand open & fold
 If you need to fold or open your Combi stroller while holding your baby, no problem. All Combi strollers can be opened and folded with just one hand.
5. Huge UV rated canopy
 Combi canopies have a very high UV rating 95% on most models to ensure your baby is protected from the harsh Aussie sun. And given the canopy is huge, there is no need to place an untidy-looking cloth over your stroller to protect your baby from the sun so you can look good while keeping your baby safe and protected.
6. Self-standing when folded
 When folded, all Combi strollers stand up. This means they are very easy to store whether at home, using public transport or at your local cafe. Another benefit of this feature is that you don’t need to bend down to open or close your stroller so it’s easy on your back.
7. Reversible Handle (excluding Well Carry model)
 Studies have proven there are numerous benefits to being able to see your baby especially in the first few months. Some of the identified benefits include; the baby being easy to settle, learning to speak sooner and for mums they have been reported to be happier and less stressed. See article for more information
8. A continuous curved handle
 Because Combi strollers have a continuous, connected handle, (not separated handles), you can easily push the stroller from the middle of the handle using one hand. This means if you need to carry the baby and push the stroller it’s easy or if you just want to sip a cool drink while pushing the stroller it’s no problem. (Remember always wear your suppled tether strap (wrist band) for extra safety.)
9. Soft, breathable fabrics (easily removed for washing)
 Combi seat fabrics are super soft and comfy and made from breathable fabrics that keep baby cool in summer and warm in winter. They can also be easily removed for cleaning (hand washing only).
10. Over 50 years of caring
 Last but not least, Combi has been producing innovative , high quality and safe parenting products for over 50 years and it’s one of the largest parenting brands in the world so it’s a brand you can trust.

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