Tuesday, 7 January 2014

15 fine motor activities for toddlers


These fine motor activities for toddlers are so much fun.  If you’re looking for a resource of fine motor play ideas, this is it!
Inspired by Sugar Aunts, these activities are the perfect fun solution to learning and playing.
15 {Fun} Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

15 {Fun} Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

1.  Here’s a painting activity that is fun for young kids but also helps to build up those important hand muscles that they need to use in learning how to write.

2.  Toddlers will explore color while practicing their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and cause and effect. This uses pipe cleaners and a recycled water bottle so set-up is easy to reproduce.

3.  Give your little ones a big pile of pom poms to pick up and push into an empty water bottle.

4.  Take an empty cardboard box and poke wholes all over for your toddlers to insert pipe cleaners into.  Great for concentration as well!

5.  A great way to introduce the rainbow to toddlers, this fine motor activity allows children to sort, manipulate, and concentrate, using crafting pom poms and an ice cube tray.

6.  Toddlers love sticking items to contact paper.  This craft introduces the easel to small children while encouraging fine motor skills – a great work of art is part of the process!

7.  These simple sensory bags focus on fine motor skills like pinching.

8.  Fine motor work can be found in the simplest play activities!  Toddlers will love using their pincer grasp to pull, peel, and crumble tape from a table surface.

9.  Scoop, pour, transfer, and dump nuts like almonds, walnuts and chestnuts for some indoor fun.

10.  This color match activity is so fun!  Kids love manipulating small beads, matching colors, and practicing their fine motor dexterity.

11.  Crumbling tissue paper is perhaps, the best fine motor exercise for small children.  Using the small muscles of the hand promotes strength, dexterity, and improved grasp.

12.  This play activity using Wikki Stix encourages tripod grasp, eye-hand coordination, and cause and effect for young kids.

13.  This simple fine motor activity just requires an empty cereal box and a straw that’s cut into pieces.

14.  Scooping, pouring, manipulating and so much more are addressed in this fun multi-sensory play activity for toddlers.

15.  One of the simplest ways to work on young children’s fine motor skills is to string beads on pipe cleaners.

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