Friday, 2 January 2015

Another day for a frustarated MO

sorry but i am rather disturbed when hearing lots of news/stories against medical professionals these days.
one day, i discussed with a colleague of mine about this new "trend". we discussed abt how to handle non compliant patients. we have many poorly controlled diabetic patients. despite many advices, they just refused to listen.
find (sigh)'s right u call it.
the idea is to control their diabetic status in order to slow down the progression of deadly complications. unfortunate, by the time they came back to us...its already too late. too much damage has been done..they have stroke, myocardial infarction etc.
Not just for diabetes and other non-communicable diseases, but this "trending" also occur in maternal & child health aspect...anti vaccine, unassisted homebirth, poorly controlled diabetes/ hypertension complicating pregnancy patients etc.
so i told my friend
" as pt have their rights to complaint anything everything and to an extend choosing their doctor..why cant we, doctors choose our patients too??"
so she said
" i wish we can but we cant. we are bond to our oath...we have made a promise to help those in needs and to preserve we cannot choose. its unethical"
she's 100% right..
let me remind everyone...going thru 6 years of hardship (plus 4 yrs of specialty + another few years of subspecialty) just to be condemn like this...this is sooo disappointing. some who r just so "doctorophobia" favourite statement..."doctors r not dont hv the key to life n dead but you are acting as if you are god"...
yes...we r not God. never had i heard any doctor claiming so. if there is any...they wud probably been referred to/ need to be referred to psychiatry.
again..we r not god. but....people outhere seems to have forgotten that the moment we step our foot into the real world after graduation...we have made an oath, a pledge, a promise..whatever you want to call it...
" that we would save and preserve lives at our uttermost ability and knowledge and in whatever situation it would be, with Allah's willings."
so people you know why we jumped and hiked and scream our hearts out...the frustration, the despair, the anger when there is still ignorance among certain community...we r just doing our jobs right.
recently in a postnatal death meeting, we have a baby abt 6 mths old passed away from pertussis..which was rarely seen these days thanks to the advance science of vaccine. but lately, the trend of pertussis is increasing..diptheria emerged...for all u know, that parents refuses immunisation and lied to us. whats with all these lying??
your children may be healthy...but you forgot, there r children who are less fortunate that they cannot be vaccinated and protected due to immunocompromised illnesses. they depend on herd immunity. your unvaccinated healthy children can become carrier to this deadly viruses and can easily infected to the ill children. if you are talking about rights....then.... STOP thinking about you....your rights...and START thinking about the community's right to live in a safer healthier environment...your irresponsible act can lead death to another unfortunate child.
abt i have discussed previously with facts about how malaysia is not yet fit to be in that safe zone due to lack of resources...i know the process of birth, labour is important..but its equally important as the outcome. i dont deny that our malaysian health care system still have huge rooms for improvements..but this will not take a day or two. we understand your need..but please give us time. there are a lot of things to be accomodated...there r many other sick dire patients out there that need to seek medical treatment.
again. many out here volunteering for flood relief are men. we have seen cases where a male doctor has to deliver a baby in crisis area. remember...if this doctor are not allowed to learn his tricks in labour, then how can we do our jobs right?
let me remind again..we are not god...but we r just trying to do our jobs right. we r obliged to do so... islam teaches us to work hard and do our parts right. (buat kerja biarlah bersungguh2..itu tuntutan agama)
- just another frustrated mo -

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